"Doorwerx servicing most of Melbourne and The Mornington Peninsula. "

Doorwerx offer a professional and cost effective solution to your door and window problems.
Some of the services provided by Doorwerx:

Door Repairs, servicing your doors and windows, new locking systems, wheels and tracks for sliding glass patio doors. New ropes, springs, chain winders, locks for your windows. New fly wire, locks on your security doors or fly screens. Basically anything to do with door and window repairs.

Do You have Problems with your Doors or Windows??

Are you having a problem with your sliding doors?
Whether you have aluminium or timber doors or windows they should close, slide and lock easily.

Stop Struggling with them and call Doorwerx to have them serviced.

What Doorwerx can do:
  • Doorwerx can save you thousands of dollars by not having to replace your doors and windows.
  • We can service and repair your doors and windows.
  • Repair or replace worn out tracks.
  • Replace carriages or wheels to make them slide like new again.
  • Doorwerx aims to be your cost effective solution.

    Glass Sliding Patio Doors

  • Replace carriages or wheels to make them slide like new again
  • Repair or replace worn out tracks
  • We can replace damaged locks
  • We can fit keyed patio bolts and guides
  • We can replace broken glass
  • We can plane or reset problem wooden doors
  • We can give advice on a replacement suite

  • Doorwerx can also service or repair your internal pelmet, cavity, sliding and hinged doors

    Security and Fly Wire Doors:

  • We service sliding and hinged aluminium, steel and timber doors
  • We can supply and install locks and handle sets
  • Tracks, Wheels and Carriages
  • Resetting door hinges and locks to close and operate correctly
  • Service and repair cylinders and keys, door closers and hinges.
    Security Door Refurbishment:

    Make a Statement with your Front Security Door.
    Your front door is one of the most important Visual Features of a home, or you may just want a colour change.

    Doorwerx offers a full refurbishment service that includes pick up and re-hanging of your doors when completed.

    This service includes sandblasting back to bright metal, powder zinc coat for rust proofing and topcoat colour powder coating to your choice of colour.

    The door is then remeshed with your choice of fly wire and handles/locksets refitted.


    Are your windows inoperable due to being painted or glued shut???
    In most instances this can be remedied.
    Window Servicing and Repairs are carried out to manufacturer specifications.

    Some of the repairs undertaken by Doorwerx
  • Fitting of Ropes or Cords to your single or double-hung Sash Windows.
  • Recalibrating your weights so that your window does not creep or drop down.(This may require new weights to be fitted).
  • Fitting of new Sash Pulleys. Staff Beads.
  • Supply and fit Springs / Spiral Balances to your Timber and aluminium windows. (Various types Available).
  • Reset and adjust your Awning or Casement Windows. (May require Planing)
  • Supply and install the correct Chain Window Winders to your timber or aluminium windows.
  • (Standard and Locking Coastal available) Various colours and brands available to suit your colour scheme.
  • We supply and fit window locks and bolts

  • Note: It is natural for springs and spiral balances to loose tension.
    If your window becomes hard to operate or drops contact our service department for a prompt remedy.

    About us

    Doorwerx is a growing family oriented business that was established to provide you the consumer with a cost effective means of keeping your home or business operating with minimal frustration and expenditure.

    We do this by repairing, refurbishing and making safe rather than replacing your doors and windows.

    Some Facts:
    New Doors and Windows need regular servicing and maintenance. (Failure to do so may void some manufacturers Warranties). Older Doors and windows need servicing and maintenance also.

    Doors and Windows that do not operate properly can be dangerous.

    Windows and doors are extremely expensive to replace.

    For further information Ph: 0439680066

    In most cases we can quote you before starting your job.

    If you suspect that your Doors or Windows are well beyond repair (Due to Rot or Corrosion), we may be able to help with a replacement service.

    Security Door Remeshing:
    Doorwerx can supply and fit new fly wire to your security or screen doors (Hinged and Sliding).
    We can replace fly wire on aluminium, steel and timber doors.

    There are various types and grades available including Petmesh, One-Way vision. Etc. depending on your needs.

    Flies, mosquitoes and vermin are a major health hazard to you and your family so keep them outdoors where they belong.
    Pet Doors

    Doorwerx can install a quality PETWAY access door into your security door.

    These are available in a variety of sizes and colours, and are manufactured to suit our Australian climate and conditions.

    We can also upgrade your fly wire at the same time to a stronger pet and child resistant grade Petmesh.
    Fly Screen Remeshing

    Doorwerx can rewire most aluminium and wooden fly screen frames.

    Various grades of fly wire are available depending on your type of frame.
    Accessories we can provide

    A small sample of door accessories.     A small sample of door tracks.     A small sample of window accessories.